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Thread: Bus Duct and Panel Schedule

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    Bus Duct and Panel Schedule

    Hello all,

    I am fairly new to Revit and know there is MUCH to learn with this program. My issue is trying to figure out how to make the panel schedule read the FLA (Full Load Amp) value that I've made a family parameter in the bus plugs I've created. Right now I can only get the panel schedule to show the Apparent Load (VA) value that is attached to the electrical connector instead of just the FLA (A) value. I am able to manipulate one column to show the FLA value in (A) by making a Calculated Value of True Load / 1V which is fine, but when I scroll down to the Total Connected Current and Total Estimated Demand Current it is only a fraction of these actual FLA values.

    To me if I could just get rid of the "Apparent Load" that is currently in (VA) parameter on the electrical connector and replace it with Full Load Amps in (A) I think I could handle the rest.

    Ultimately I would like to just enter the FLA value in one place where all my other information can populate from like bus plug size, bus plug fuse size, wire size etc. Then have that value show up on the panel schedule in Amps instead of Volt-amps.

    I've attached the family for bus plug and a lookup table to this post for convenience. Please let me know if anybody has come across this issue or something similar.

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