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Thread: Associated(Face-based) families with auto rotated Tag(Symbol)

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    Associated(Face-based) families with auto rotated Tag(Symbol)

    I'm having problems using face-based family such as socket outlets, while I'm showing the tag(symbol) as a separate family in 2D. The reason I'm having a separete family for the tag is I sometimes show/locate the tag apart from the actual geometry for some reason. And what I need to know is how to get the tag rotated automatically while I locate the geometry in different directions.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    if the tag is part of the family as you've probably found the tag will rotate with the family giving you tags that are upside down and backwards... if this is the case then you will need to have at least 4 tags in the family for left, right, top, and bottom so the tag will always appear readable.

    however if this item appears on walls that are at an angle you will need to add tags accordingly.

    Also having tried this i would recommend against it this creates messy families and unmovable tags which will create problems
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    I’d add a rotational parameter to the nested GA.

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