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Thread: Tag line's "connection point"

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    Tag line's "connection point"


    Doe anyone know how to set the tag line's connection point, or at least what is the point where it connects, so that one wouldn't have to guess and would be sure that it is always in the right place?

    Images attached. I'd like to have the line to start from the underlined tag-information and thought it was the reference planes that were the place for it, but right now it seems to be some distance above that point and I can't figure out what determines it. More of a minor annoyance than something huge, but would make creation of tags easier if a certain look is wanted.

    The dream would be to have it at the crossing of the reference planes, if such a thing is possible to modify in such a way.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tag line's "connection point"-1.-what-i-want.png   Tag line's "connection point"-2.-how-has-family-result.png   Tag line's "connection point"-3.-how-i-thought-would-have-worked.png   Tag line's "connection point"-4.-what-ends-up-.png  

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    That's a long-time Wish List item.
    Vote here to bump it up on Autodesk's priority list.

    Currently, the Leader always attaches to the center of the family's bounding box.
    In other words, if you drew a box around everything in the family, the Leader would attach to the center of one of that box's 4 sides.
    The only way you can cheat the current system is to make sure those centers are where you want them.
    You can do that by drawing invisible Lines. In your case, draw a horizontal invisible line the same distance below the Label as the text extends above.
    You may have to experiment a bit.

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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the quick answer. I will certainly throw in my vote for this.

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    Thank's Dave, I'll put my vote on this, Regards

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