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Thread: Revit Types management: Light Fixture

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    Revit Types management: Light Fixture

    Hi everybody,
    I am trying to solve this matter: I am creating a catalogue of lighting fixtures, which contains a lot of types due to the fact that each type has its own .ies file. Exporting the FamilyType.txt with the procedure explained here: https://processinnovation.wordpress....oghi-dei-tipi/
    (sorry for the Italian link). When I export the types with the light source I have the error "the input contains invalid parameters or values for....<name of the family>", then, when I delete the flag "light source" in the Family Category, the importing has no mistakes and everithing works.
    Is there a way I can use to export and import a.txt familyType that helps me managing the ies parameters?
    Thank you so much for your help!!

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    Hi Zimo,

    It can be helpfull if you add your family to this tread, so we can check what's wrong.


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