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Thread: Server Rack RU elevation

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    Server Rack RU elevation

    hi colleagues, i design server rooms for our company, and am now using Revit for this purpose. I am trying to do the following:
    using a Rack HOST, i am trying to use the schedule information and automatically place the desired family items at specific rack RU levels.

    the Rack family i am using has SNAP in reference lines, BUT no designation of RU number and i don't want to manually move devices around to the right position.

    eg: i would like to automatically place the following devices at these positions:
    1x Cisco 3950 at RU 3 (1U)
    1x Cisco 3950 at RU 5 (1U)
    1x Netapp at RU 7 (2U)

    and so on.

    secondly, AFTER i have done this, i would like to move the Schedule information to our CMDB via DYNAMO including room number, rack number, hostname & RU level.

    any tips that any of you can give me ?

    thanks in advance.

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    Yep. There is a thread on rack and server equipment here, already.

    You can do what you are after, provided your rack family has parameters for what type of device sits at each RU, and whether or not an item is there at all.

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    many thanks - but when i search for any of these things, nothing came up - do you happen to have a link for me?

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    IT guy at my last company did it the same way; Nested shared families in each slot with a Type Parameter to select.
    So nothing to add to this excellent example, except... "Dont spend your weekends overmoddeling all the air vents like a total lunatic"

    A general tip for using nested, shared families though;
    Add an instance parameter called "Host Name" or something. Then link this to the Description/Model/Assembly Code/Rack ID of the hosting family.
    Then when you schedule all the sub-families you can also schedule the Host Name to see where they are. Room Number should work, but if not get it from the host racks.
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