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Thread: Circuiting Plug Mold

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    Circuiting Plug Mold

    Hi all, this is my first forum post!

    I downloaded the Legrand Plug mold family which works well enough to place on my drawings but now i'm ready to circuit and ran into a problem.

    I had to add an electrical connector to the family which wasn't a problem, but I can only assign one VA to the electrical connector.

    Is there way to make the VA of the plug mold proportional to the length? or possibly add multiple circuits to the same family?

    I was thinking of maybe only laying out 5' segments or so and then circuiting the different segments?

    What do yall think?
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    You can do it by nesting and sharing the plugs. Then to connect to them in the project the user had to know to tab select, when connecting. But IMHO that's better than having 20 different components for different plug mold lengths. Lol

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    Nice. Thanks for sharing.

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