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Thread: duct accesories level parameter

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    duct accesories level parameter

    I'm working on a project at a new company that is large with alot of fire/smoke dampers and they want the level of the parameters in a schedule this does not appear to easily done. Am i missing something
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    No, they dont report level, or room/space for some stupid reason...
    For ducts I understand why this is as they can pass through multiple rooms or levels, but this should be made available to duct and pipe accessories.

    One solution is to use Dynamo to check what room/space they are in, or check the z coordinate against level elevations, and write that into a parameter.

    Or, you could nest a small family from a category that does show level (Mech Equip) inside the duct accessory, link some params to show what the host is, and schedule those. Ive discussed this before here:

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    Multi Category schedule would work, but may require an additional Shared Parameter.


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    Ah yes, that does work.. but then you dont have access to any of the System parameters.
    It amazes me how awkward and inconsistent access to data is in revit, considering it is just an sql database underneath.
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