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Thread: Linking Hydronic Supply/Return Pipe Connectors

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    Linking Hydronic Supply/Return Pipe Connectors


    I'm working on a quite large project. We are gonna use Radiators for heating. We are limited to 6 PEX pipes per apartment. 3 Supply, 3 Return.
    The biggest apartments needs 6 Radiators, which means i need to connect them in a series, like the picture below.
    In reality we'll use a so called Quattro connector.

    I can draw the part in 3D in the Family Creator, but how do i connect the Connectors so Revit knows that they are coming from the same Main Supply/Return?

    So, I want Revit to know that, the Main Supply/return goes two ways. Like a Tee.

    Is this possible?

    Linking Hydronic Supply/Return Pipe Connectors-okwnwp.jpg

    Current solution, very time consuming.

    Linking Hydronic Supply/Return Pipe Connectors-24ywrbp.jpg
    Linking Hydronic Supply/Return Pipe Connectors-20h1on4.jpg
    Quattro Connector.

    Linking Hydronic Supply/Return Pipe Connectors-14315r7.jpg
    Quattro - Revit Family
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Linking Hydronic Supply/Return Pipe Connectors-bdqes6.jpg  

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    u can try linking the connectors with supply and return i think you need the connectors to be set to correct in and out and not bidirectional. if there set to bidirectional revit probably will not be able to calculate flow

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