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Thread: Family Parameter Change and Look Up Table Updates Issue

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    Question Family Parameter Change and Look Up Table Updates Issue

    Dear All,
    I need your Help,
    Are there a standard formula which calculate all of the missed fitting parameter as example :- "Fitting Outside Diameter, Fitting Inside Diameter, ..., etc" and so on,
    I need a standard formula (if it found) because when I went to change the parameter this parameter are missed in calculation.
    I know about they may be from the manufacturer himself, but if them unknown from the manufacturer what can I do?
    And as you see here in those parameter formula Revit told me in this formula line "size_lookup(Lookup Table Name, "FOD", Nominal Diameter + 10.4 mm, Nominal Diameter)" if you cannot find the value of th "FOD" in the column in front of Nominal diameter Value, Then return back the value which included in this formula " Nominal Diameter + 10.4 mm ".
    So, I need those formulas if it standard or not any way, I need them.
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    I agree with using formulas instead of lookup tables, but there is no standard. It would be slightly different for every material.
    Its better to make fittings that have all the other sizes driven by something like "Nominal Diameter * A + B"
    Then you can get manufacturers data (Or the pipe sizes in revit) and put it into excel. Graph each size against Nominal Diameter and use the 'regression line' function to get the best fit for a line and find out what A and B are.
    I put an example on here a while ago

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