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Thread: List of default (native) Revit parameters

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    List of default (native) Revit parameters

    Hello again Revit Forum!

    Does anyone know if there is a list floating out there somewhere of Revits out-of-the-box (hard coded) parameters?

    In addition, does anyone use a mixture of hard coded and shared parameters to use in schedule headings? Should I go all shared or is it okay to use the hard coded as well?


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    My philosophy is; If a parameter already exists, use it. Dont make duplicate shared parameters for the same thing and standard parameters dont need to be added to every tag and schedule. Also dont fill your families with loads of shared parameters just in case you might need them. Add more parameters as you find that you really need them and build up a standard set of shared parameters that way. (But once again avoid making duplicates of the same thing and have a clear standard way of naming them, like <object>_<function>_<direction> eg. Extrusion_Length_Vertical)

    I dont know if such a list exists already..
    To make a list you could try opening standard families and doing File->Export->Family Types. This will make a .csv/.txt of all the parameters in the family that you can load into excel.
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    Good morning,

    I haven't come accross such a list of the hard coded parameters yet.
    I agree completely with josephpeel. If the parameter exists and it works for your purposes, use it. You'd be wasting time re-making something that's ready-built to use.
    In my current company I found I had to make a lot of shared parameters to report back and populate schedules. I'm making shared parameters less and less as my library is developing and that's how I expect it to occur.
    I cannot stress the importance of what josephpeel said about a standard naming system for parameters! It's very, very easy to duplicate shared parameters. This typically occurs when you think you need a new one and don't know that you already have a parameter set up for the precise purpose you're requiring!

    Ciao for now.

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    No list that I know of either. Alas. And I would hazard any list you do find will be (only) for the "exposed" ones.

    But I run opposite to Joe & Gab here : I have so little love for OOTB parameters that I near replicate them entirely.

    Custom Mark, Custom Type Mark, Fire Rating By Type, Fire Rating By Instance, Level Location, Level Alias, Overall Width, Overall Height, Overall Depth, Overall Length, Cost By Length, Cost By Weight, Cost By Volume, Cost By Area...
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