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Thread: Duct Fitting_Te​e Problem

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    Duct Fitting_Te​e Problem

    Hi All!

    When I am using tee like this:

    I often want to have a duct transition to smaller/bigger dimension on straight part of the tee, something like this:

    But I must do that always manually, or to be more precise attach duct transition to the straight part of the tee. When I start duct route from the straight part of the tee Revit doesn't make duct transition, Revit just reorganizes division inside tee, something like this:

    To conclude, how can I "lock" the tee division so I can only change the division between elbow and straight part? The division between straight part and elbow is only defined via the number (not formula) so it can easily be changed in design (because each tee is different), something like this:

    Best regards, Branimir

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    Make a small duct from the T first, then add the transition. This makes everything a lot more stable and you can also use Justification if you want to make an eccentric transition.

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