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Thread: Door Undercut Family Creation

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    Door Undercut Family Creation

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here and I'm very new to family creation in Revit so I was hoping I could find some guidance here. My current task I'm working on is trying to create a family to identify door undercuts.

    I essentially have a line of text displaying "UC", a label that will display the CFM value of the air transfer (this value I wan to make editable), and an arrow that show direction of flow (which I would like to be able to rotate or change direction of).

    I attached a picture of the family as it is now to better illustrate what I am doing. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Door Undercut Family Creation-2016-06-24-14_06_52-autodesk-revit-2016-%5Bsheet_-undercut-annotation-75-cfm%5D.png  

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    Make a generic annotation family place a label inside that family so u can type in the cfm value then make 4 arrows and attach a viz parameter to them for the four directions of up down left right and you should have your label. Your not going to be able to make a tag as the doors will be in the architects model
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    I just use an Air Terminal that is 20mm high and 900mm wide.. It has an arrow annotation inside the family (So you only need one not 4, it rotates with the placement of the family) and can be tagged with airflow like any other Air Terminal. It does have a 3D space reservation block, so that it is visible in 3D views and shows up as a clash with doors to show architects that it is there, but is set to just show the arrow symbol in plan.

    Also I use 'Exhaust Air' for air transfer between rooms and 'Return Air' for all kinds of return and extract. That way the 'net' fresh air supply and return in rooms shows up properly in the Actual Supply/Return parameters and airflows can be added as exhaust for transfer or recirculation. For example, you might have a room with a requirement for 100m3/h fresh air (From a Supply system checked against Actual Supply in schedules) but also a ducted fan coil that needs 1000m3/h flow (Modelled as exhaust) to dimension its ducts and grilles.
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    Thanks so much for the help, I "walked through" the family that you created and attached to make sure I was following you. The undercut annotation works like a charm now, I have a similar modification I am going to make to an existing diffuser next week and I think the info you shared with me will go a long way in helping with that too.

    Thanks again!


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