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Thread: Formula in family's parameters.

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    Formula in family's parameters.

    I have spent all the morning trying to create a conditional formula to center an object, but Inconsistent units don't stop to appear....
    See the image below:

    Formula in family's parameters.-captura.png

    The orinial formula was: IF(Centre,Desplaçament_X_Conducte_Imp=(Ample/2)-(Ample conducte impulsió/2),Desplaçament_X_Conducte_Imp)

    I think that this problem is because i must eliminate the units, but i don't know how.
    I hope u can help me with that problem.


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    Think you should read this, it helped me a while back:
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    First off, this formula won't work as you are creating a circular reference by referring back to the same parameter you are putting the formula in (You need to have a second parameter). Second, it looks like you need to introduce the mm units back into the formula (or not cancel them?) but I can't exactly tell what the parameter types are.

    So you need something along the lines of this:

    Formula in family's parameters.-formula.png

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