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Thread: Electrical / Data Grouping Best Practices

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    Question Electrical / Data Grouping Best Practices

    Hey guys, it's been a little while since I've had to do much Revit work but I'm about to start setting up the electrical model for a large project and was looking for some info on best practices to see if anything's changed (last time I was using 2012, now this model is 2016).

    Is there any good way of setting up combined power and data families / groups?

    I tried creating an Electrical Fixture family, and hosting shared Data Device families inside of it, but the data device symbols won't show up on plan (they're annotation symbols, essentially nested two levels down instead of one). I could draw the data symbol in the top level Electrical Fixture family, but then it won't filter based on data devices, only on electrical fixtures.

    I also tried putting them in groups, but you can't seem to copy a group to a vertical face. I tried the work around of copying it to the same wall, and then changing the workplane and selecting the next wall but that's basically as slow as just copying the devices and changing the annotation offsets.

    So what are you guys doing for placing power / data outlets / how have you been structuring these families?

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    Are your sysmbols Detail Items or Generic Annotations?
    Detail Items do work when nested, so long as the family is shared. I have used nested, shared electrical fixtures in things like hospital bed panels, also nested inside a 'patient bed services' family and they worked fine. DIs can also be placed on vertical faces to show in sections too (Or when the fixture is placed on floor/ceiling instead of wall). The only downside is they have a fixed 'model' size not a paper size, but I prefer that anyway.

    Also.. If you have made a model with lots of nested, shared families and then decide you actually want them all as individual fixtures, this is possible.
    You can copy monitor all the shared, nested families out of thier host families and into another project. So long as they are not 'workplane based' they will maintain the same position. Instance data can also be copied from the originals using something like BIMLink via excel or dynamo by matching the identical coordinates.
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