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Thread: Is it Possible... Pipe Based Family with component that snaps to ceiling?

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    Is it Possible... Pipe Based Family with component that snaps to ceiling?

    I would like to create a family that is pipe based, like a valve for instance, but has a component/geometry, such as a clearance box, that would automatically snap to the top side of a ceiling below it. Somewhat like how a pipe hanger automatically snaps to the deck above... is this even possible?

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    Just build the family above/below the reference level in the editor, you could even put a dimension on the offset. Then in the project you can set the reference level in the project and determine your offset from the level. There isn't really any need to model any geometry for a clearance box. With this method you will have likely have issues if you try to break into pipework because the reference level is not aligned with the center of the valve.

    You could opt for a ceiling based family but I highly discourage it, based on my experiences it is a pain. Regardless of your method, please let us know how you go.

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    I would put the clearance solid in the connector family and have a view that showed them for coordination. You could use a layered view approach for your sheets or try the invisible line trick. Or just use the line work tool on the edges of the clearance in our views. It's manual but it gets the job done!

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