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Thread: System type

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    System type


    Is someone who know how to change system type for air terminal? I need exhaust type. Another elements I've direct type instead of that one. Or woh can I add this one to system.

    Please help!

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    Change the Connector in the Family to "Global" instead of a specific system type.

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    Tannar is right. just edit the family and change the system classification to global so that it can adopt any system type. But if you want the exact system as you said, exhaust... select exhaust.

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    Since the same terminals are often used for exhaust and return air, I find it best practice to just use global for everything. The only time I specify supply, exhaust, or return is on mechanical equipment.

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    Well.. You still need to make separate Supply and Return/Exhaust air terminals.. So that the In and Out directions are correct.

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    Both Tanner and Joseph are correct. Global parameter but separate families so the flow direction is correct. Once they are separate, you can create types based on your standard air terminals designations.

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