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Thread: Intelligent family

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    Intelligent family

    Hi everyone,

    is it possible to add intelligence to a family without creating an app?

    What I want to do is, when I select an electrical parallel light switch, and put it on the wall, it should automatically show up a message saying that I should put the other switch of the parallel pair in its position, in order to avoid human flaw of forgetting to put the other parallel switch.

    So the box should go like this: Load family > Select the first switch point > Select the second switch point > Done.


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    Hi Bonzi,

    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, as far as I know there is no way to have Revit intelligently find faults and pick up on human error in the way you are describing. I am hoping I am wrong but I don't think you can do that without the help of an external application.

    If you do find a way be sure to report it back here, good luck.

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    Thank you LukeEvans,

    Thats what I thought. I didn't want to involve creating a plugin because I think it will take a long time to build it and it will be too much specific, and consequently make things harder because of the fact that I will need to load a plugin just to place a bed in my projects, correct if I am wrong. Is there any alternative to do what I want to do, that you think would be better?


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    You could posibly do something with two fixtures at either end of a line based family. Then you could place them with 2 clicks. But you would have to rotate them afterwards to align with the walls. Or maybe an adaptive component...

    I think a better way to check this would be to simply have a schedule showing the number of parralel switches per room, or maybe per switch system. If its an odd number then it needs to be checked.

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