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Thread: Piping symbols and General Details

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    Piping symbols and General Details

    I'm trying to make some basic pipe symbols in one detail family. I'm making full, 3/4 and 1/2 symbols. The size of the symbols are instance so that drafters could change them if the standard doesn't work. Is there a way to make the properties panel show only the size for the family type selected?

    I also have a few general questions:
    1. What do people use in Revit for making flow diagrams and details? Do you make families for valves, pipe symbols, transitions, flow arrows, and fittings?

    2. I've read about putting general details into a project and inserting them from there into actual projects when needed. I thought this would be great because you could use the project browser to find specific details quickly and take a look at them. It seems to me that adding in drafting views from another project that has disciplines/classifications/etc. optimized for detail storage might reek havoc on projects set up to optimize coordination, working and documentation views. Should we just try to stick with our project standards as close as possible and have something like this:

    Drafting views
    Discipline (plumbing, Sheet metal, HVAC Piping)
    Drafting (redundant but needed to fit views into project organization.)
    Long list of details

    I might opt for that and use the sheet views to optimize searches. Because we wont be placing sheets into other projects they can be organized better for details. The drafting views could all start with a number so that they would be easy to find in a list using insert views. If your not sure what detail to use simply find it on the correct sheet "mechanical-equipment-VAV", note it's number and insert it from the list.

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    I work at a MEP firm we have all of are schematic symbols set up as generic annotation so they scale with the drawing scale. we do have plans that show as single line as well this took alot of work and trail and error to setup properly.

    we also have a detail file on its own so we can pull in the details that we need
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