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Thread: 2d annotation for valves not hiding pipes beneath

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    This problem that you're having isn't uncommon. My company actually struggles with this same situation and have for over a couple years now. The only fix that we've come up with, which you've already mentioned, is to print the sheets using raster. Sure the file size is significantly larger and when you zoom in on the sheets the quality isn't nearly as nice but it's more important to get the intent across and have it look correct on sheets.

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    Any new input on this topic? It's been a while.
    Thanks in advance

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    I was just about to put a new thread on this. It's still an issue in 2017.2. No known workarounds?
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    Ultimately, if you can see what it is does it really matter?
    Using a filter for all pipe accessories (Which overrides the system settings) to make them black and solid line irrespective of the system line colour helps.
    You could also try shared symbols in your families. Shared families are unaffected by system settings

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