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Thread: Live Session - Family Creation Series | Intro to Families

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    Quote Originally Posted by derek4484 View Post
    Are these still going to be done? I sat in on the first one on Feb 29th and it was pretty good. Was waiting on the rest??
    Yep. Part 2 is scheduled for today - See this thread (and the count down clock on the forum homepage)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munkholm View Post
    Off-topic, but Nope! You can rotate and flip a profile when used in a family, but you can't control the size of it... Hmm... That sounds like a wish list item.
    Sure you can, in the family itself. Unless I'm misunderstanding the original question.

    You can't control it in the project, though.

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    I am very much new to live sessions ie. i have no idea at all. I would like to view the recorded sessions as they have already been and gone however when i go to the Live Sessions Archive all i manage to find is a lik to the thread that discusses the live feed and I'm at a loss as to where to find any recordings. Thanks

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    This may have been covered and I missed it - but I tend to have trouble over constraining families. Could you get into planning constraints and ways to avoid over constraining? It's most likely a mind-set issue on my end but I tend to think that I need a constraint for every little thing in the family, rather than leveraging workplanes and formulas more. (i.e. I over think it)
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