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Thread: Refreshing Server Infrastructure--40 person firm

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    Refreshing Server Infrastructure--40 person firm

    Hello all,

    I'm the bim/it manager for a forty person firm. Our present infrastructure is 8 years old, approaching its' End of Life, so we're replacing it. Obviously, we're mostly constrained by central models.

    I currently have a Dell Array (all spinning disks) paired with a failover cluster of two hosts running HyperV vms. I have various NAS type backup devices on site and a replication server hosted in a data center 100 miles away for backup/DR.

    It's been very reliable. I'm thinking about replacing the whole shebang with a more contemporary version of the same old thing.

    Meanwhile, business is changing. Up until now, I've been dealing with remote workers by hosting ALL central models on our server and maintaining a local PC for every worker whether they're in our office or not that the user accesses via LogMeIn when they want to remote in. I've always had it up my sleeve that we could host a model in BIM 360 but it hasn't come up yet. I'm thinking more and more people are likely to work remotely at least part of the time.

    I'm really asking if there are any new technologies on the market that I should be looking into. BIM 360 sounds pretty expensive for 40 users. I'm vaguely familiar with Panzura, but I don't think I want to go there because that seems that it's more about branch offices (which we don't have and probably won't) than remote workers. Something like Citrix seems more complicated than I need in the near term.

    So if anyone has any bright ideas about any kinds of hardware I'm not considering that will facilitate collaborating with Revit I'd love to hear your thoughts,



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    I work remote for a firm and we use a Revit server on Azure cloud. This works very good and fast when you have good internet.

    You can also host your own Revit server(very easy), it does not have to be in the cloud.

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