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I still like the idea of having at least one warm spare, so with a two drive failure you can at least get one replaced and rebuilt while the second one is in shipment. If you have a single drive fail in RAID-5, or two fail in RAID-6, and both replacements are in the mail when another drive fails, you lose data. That's what I try to avoid, being in a data loss condition if another drive fails, and replacements are in the mail.

I like the idea of the hot spares as well, but really what it call comes down to is risk tolerance and cost, for size of the company. John (at Location 2) has a spare drive sitting in the box on a shelf, AND we can both access the other NAS across the WAN. So im okay with him only having one spare there, because- with Amazon- he can get a second one in less than 24 hours. Plus, he can access everything from his server, here, worst case scenario.

I have two spares sitting here (in office 1), but thats because there are actually three NAS's here. But only one is our primary storage. One is dedicated for VM Storage, and one is strictly for Security Camera Footage. (Those are smaller RS815+'s, 4 drives, in RAID5. Reason being, for us, these are much less mission critical data).

Ours are also in a residential closet, since each *office* is a house. Not much we can do about that. But i did pay our HVAC contractor to run a small duct in to that closet, and the doors are louvered. So air is circulating out, from the devices. There is a return air grlle in the vicinity. Nexct time i have the contractors out, i may have them plumb a return in the closet, at which point ill seal the doors. But that aspect is tough: We arent in a commercial space, obviously. So i have to be careful with that duct, when the heat kicks on. LOL.