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Thread: New Surface Pro with Revit 2017 Issue

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    Unhappy New Surface Pro with Revit 2017 Issue

    I got new surface pro recently with i7 8G SSD256GB. But when i using chrome and revit 2017 in the same time, sometime when i issue more than 5 pages of PDF, it shows low memory..... It doesn't happen to my old computer with same configurations. Also i noticed, revit 2017 on new surface pro is "slowness" such as when i select objects, you can feel a little bit delay, it makes me feel not comfortable to use revit on surface pro..... Anyone got the same issues or it just my personal feel? I am going to try reinstall windows 10 and reinstall revit 2017 with recent revit update, maybe its windows 10 default setting using too much memories on the background....

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    How much hard drive space do you have left? 256gb isn't much....neither is 8gb of ram.

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    Pretty certain it's the Integrated GPU choking.

    My friend can run FC3 on her SP4 (okay, w/ vfx turned down, but still a mighty impressive feat) but the second anything else kicks in, it dies - and, to draw a similar comparison, here at work we've lowly K2200 - that can run Enscape 1080p on Ultra fine and dandy UNTIL you ask the computer to do anything else.

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    So you're trying to run Revit with hardware acceleration on this chipset? <below> Last I checked this is the only i7 that was available in that configuration for the SP4.
    • 6th Gen 2.2-GHz Intel Core i7-6650U processor with Intel Iris graphics 540

    Its a dual-core. 2C/4T
    Intel® Core™ i7-6650U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) Product Specifications

    4Mb cache...? I had that in 2008 and Revit dragged...

    Also, any nvidia dedicated graphics card would have been Maxwell at that point. At best a 1Gb card, but at least running DDR5 at more than a base clock of 300Mhz like the Iris 520.

    In other words, a lot of bottle necks. You are experiencing what a lot of people are facing on SP4. We all want it to run 150Mb Revit models, plus rendering, plus bluebeam, but it just can't on 15watts of processor performance limits just yet. It'll operate, but not at the efficiency you've come to expect from a true laptop.

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