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Precast Panel Chamfers

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    Precast Panel Chamfers

    Hey guys....

    Just wondering what the best way to add chamfers to my precast panel ends were.
    I've played around with the wall reveal tool which seems to do an OK job but I'm sure there is a better way.


    Create a face based family with a void in it. You can choose to either do single line ones or create a parametric square to do a complete sweep at once.
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      I've actually had some great success using the wall/reveal tool. I have a 5 storey precast concrete lowrise with all the precast panels (245 panels) with edge treatment of some varity applied to them all. Whilst it is a manual process I found it quite efficient.

      I ended up creating my own profile to get the desired chamfer size (18mm), then I created a new reveal family and applied the profile to it.

      The main benefits I find with the reveal tool is that it snaps to the wall edge, extends for the whole length of the wall, but is editable so that you can 'drag' shorter if need be. It is also part of the 'walls' toolset so it makes sense with the workflow.

      I've attached a few screen shots to show you what I have done.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Precast1.jpg
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Name:	Precast2.jpg
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Name:	Precast3.jpg
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        Thanks for thr replies guys....
        I'll have a look at using both methods


          Hey Jason,

          Let's kill some milk drinking mouse!
          Perfect momentum for Screenshot :laugh:
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            Originally posted by alexo4141 View Post
            Let's kill some milk drinking mouse!
            Hey Alex ..... yes our office is full of very compassionate people.


              I made a wall based component so that it would chamber both sides of the walls and automatically know the thickness of the walls. This also allows me to model the walls full length and then just put these components in to break them up. Doing it this was also works well with using Parts.


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