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How do i display the member end connections forces?

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    How do i display the member end connections forces?

    Hi all,
    still exploring Revit (learning new tricks every day), but I'm stumped how to display a framing members analytical information (beam end connections), which i know from the palette that are in the model.

    I've tried making a new family member of a structural framing tag, which seems okay, but then when i use the beam annotation button and try to add the tag at the beam ends, it wont load in.

    surely manually entering the forces is a giant leap backwards......

    any help greatly appreciated.



    take a look at Beam Annotations. it's on your Annotate Tab, Tag Panel. Here, you can set the ends to be your reaction tags. (PS, I edited the Start Reaction tag to have dark green text and the End Reaction tag to have dark red text. this way I know which end(s) of my beams are the start and end sides.) Take a look... you can also tag beam elevations with this.

    for only a few beams, select those first then go to Beam Annotations.
    for all the beams in a plan view, don't select any beams... the tool will select all the beams in the current view.
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