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Slab soffit line turns from hidden to solid

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    Slab soffit line turns from hidden to solid

    I start a new project using Revits metric template.
    Draw a floor.
    Draw another floor next to it.
    Change one floors depth.
    Join the two floors.
    Change the discipline to structural.

    I have two joined slabs, the joined line showing the soffit line below.

    When you edit one of the slabs, the joined line turns from hidden to solid.

    If I do something simple like change from coarse to medium detail level. the hidden lines reappears.

    Anyone else get this problem?

    Anyone have any suggestion of a solution?

    Happens in Revit 2011 & 2012 on multiple machines at work.

    I think this is a bug, I can replicate the same issue myself. But I dont really ever have this workflow, so it has never been an issue for me on a projec

    I now remember someone else finding a similar issue, I believe it was logged to Autodesk.

    It seems to be a Regen issue, If you simply save, close the project and reopen, the linework will reset back to hiddden, if you change anything about the view, the linework will reset back to hidden
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      Welcome to the forum...
      Not seen this before. How does it appear in print?
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        Thanks Ben. Any suggestion on a change of workflow to overcome this problem?

        mdradvies - If I do not refresh, it prints solid.
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          It seems to only happen when you change the sketch outline after the floor is created, so it cant be avoided when required I guess

          I would submit to Autodesk as a bug, I am pretty sure I did that earlier this year
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