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Phases - Existing/Phase 1/Phase 2 - Braced Frame Elevations and such

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    Phases - Existing/Phase 1/Phase 2 - Braced Frame Elevations and such

    The project:
    An existing structure - two story, modeled as Phase: Existing
    An addition to existing - two story, adjacent to and connected to existing, modeled as Phase: Phase 1
    Future expansion - adding a third story to the entire existing + Phase 1 structure, modeled as Phase: Phase 2

    The issue:
    Braced Frame Elevations to show all phases of construction... The engineer wants to convey that the building(s) were designed to support the future construction.

    Process so far:
    I thought I was on to something with Filters; existing structure to be shown screened and dashed, Phase 1 to be solid and heavy, Phase 2 to be solid and dashed.

    Plan views are set to be shown in Phase 1, with Phase Filter: Previous + New. Braced Frame Elevations need to be set to Phase 2, Phase Filter: Show All and I thought I'd use Filters to get the Braced Frame Elevations to look the way we need them to. However, if I set my Elevations to Phase 2, my Elevation Marks then disappear from my plans (which are set to Phase 1.)

    Any workarounds?
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    Well, the elevation marks are Phase dependent too. They are shown in the Phase the Elevation is in (as do sections, callouts, and so on)
    Only thing you can do is create duplicates and leave those in Phase 1.
    Martijn de Riet
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      If you need to show all phases DIFFERENTLY, i recommend using different views snapped together on the sheet, and not messing with Filters at all. You already have the phase data in the model, add filters will mean adding manual parameters to deal with something that already has controls.

      Go in to Manage > Phases > Graphical Overrides, and make a duplicate of "Show previous and New" and call it "Show Previous(hatched) and new(Dashed)" or something.

      Set one view to be Phase 1, with that setting. Set an identical view to be Phase 2, Show New Only. Put them on the sheet on top of one another (they snap to alignment) and youre on your way. Just make sure the top view has some things set to transparent, if there are walls and the like, in the view.
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