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What Kind of family template I should use?

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    What Kind of family template I should use?

    I would like to create Standard General Notes and Typical Details that I need to use for every project as standard.

    This will include texts and some 2D details.

    What type of revit family template shall I use?
    Please advise how to create it as a template .


    For the General Notes: Generic Annotation.
    For the 2D typical details: Detail Components. (probably best to first create the parts as a DC and nest them in a DC-family which is composed out of the different elements. For instance: create separate window frame, glass, wall and DC's for other components and nest them into new file thus composing a generic Window DC.
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      You might choose to create a Project Template (instead of looking for Family Templates.)

      In the Project Template, you would have Drafting Views with your General Notes, standard details, etc., (items that are typical for that type of construction.) Each time you begin a project with that type of construction, you would use that particular Project Template.
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        True, but then for standard notes that appear on multiple sheets you need alot of duplicate drafting views, and minor things in the notes might change, families all instances of these fields as opposed to drafting views.

        Lastly text doesn't go funny when you try to edit it at the wrong zoom.


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