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The column and target are joined, remove that join before attaching them.

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    The column and target are joined, remove that join before attaching them.

    I'm trying to attach a column to a beam near the end of the beam, but I get this error message. I've changed the top of the column to be well below the beam, but this does not seem to remove the join. I'm not sure if this is a general or structural topic, but I would love to know the trick that would allow me to finish this task and get back to work. Help!

    Update: I tried moving the column away from the beam and had to click through "Can't keep elements joined. > unjoin elements" (which I happily did) to complete the move. Problem solved? No. Moving the column back seems to rejoin with the beam despite the top of column still being well below the beam.

    So I move the column again, again unjoining. Then without moving it back under the beam, I am now allowed to attach the column to the beam without the first error message but now get this message:

    "The highlighted column can't maintain attachment to the target. It will be treated as unattached until it can intersect."

    Then I move it back under the beam and instead of attaching it joins. Which is great until I test by moving the beam down - and the top of column once again overlaps the beam. What good is this automatic and unstoppable join that doesn't clean up the geometry?

    Since I'm not doing structural analysis, I don't care about attaching or joining, as long as the column/beam intersection is clean on the paper when I'm done. I just want to move the beam up and down with have the top of connected column move, just like an attached wall adjusts when the roof moves.


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