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Drainage - Automating the Manhole Schedule

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    Drainage - Automating the Manhole Schedule

    Hi all - not sure if this is better suited in the MEP section?

    I'm just wondering what other companies workflows are when it comes to modelling drainage in Revit.

    We are structural/civil engineers at my firm and one the tasks I've set myself is to get people to start using Systems when modelling drainage - previously we used modified CHS's as pipes!

    My actual question is more family related. We have a 'half-decent' manhole family, which is categorised in Pipe accessories so that we can assign connectors etc. and it works within the system.

    What I'm struggling with is the best method to add an automated Invert Level parameter into the family, so that it can contribute in automating manhole schedules. (see attached manhole family) It's not as simple as adding a formula or new dim with assigned new parameter.

    I have considered an alternative option, where I could take the invert elevation from the actual pipes and introduce these as a shared parameter thus bring them through to the manhole schedule... (not sure)

    Hopefully this makes some kind of sense - the ultimate aim is to fully automate the manhole schedule.

    Any ideas or even solutions would be great. :thumbsup:

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    Unfortunately Pipes are the only families that have invert elevation and Im not sure how you could reliably schedule the correct pipe with the manhole..

    Personally I would use Dynamo to get the Z coordinate of the manhole family and write that into a (Shared) Instance parameter that you can schedule and tag.
    You would have to run the script after any changes to the manholes, so not 100% automatic, but better than measuring and typing it all manually.
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