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    Moving a site

    Firstly, hello :-)

    I am quite new to Revit but manage to solve most things myself. However I am having a problem with moving a site. I am having a training session next week in setting out but this has appeared before I have it.

    I set up the project and linked/shared coordinates with the Architects file. This is all working well and has been for months. The SP and the PBP are in the same location in both files.

    I have a new file from the architect, all the coords (existing topo), PBP and SP are still identical in both files. However the model has moved 1.5m within the site.

    I just cannot work out how to move my model 1.5m while keeping all coords, SP and PBP the same. The only option I can think of is to select each level and move it 1.5m which isn't ideal.

    I hope I explained that ok and it's not super confusing.

    Dear Surrey Cheap,

    Greetings to you.

    Kindly have a look at the below link related to updating shared coordinates.

    Revit OpEd: Reset Shared Coordinates Update

    Hope it's useful



      This information might be WHY the site/survey information changed by that much.


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