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Missing Dims from Properties of selected element. Help!

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    Missing Dims from Properties of selected element. Help!


    Very new to Revit, I'm a Quantity Surveyor trying to export to Navisworks so I can utilise the Quantification tool Navis has to offer. However, upon exporting from Revit I notice that my floor slab Length and Width dimensions aren't exporting with the file. After further delving, I noticed that the Length and Width properties for the floor slab element aren't shown in the revit file properties window and are missing (see attached screenshot missing dims circled in red). It has the area and volume, but not the length and width for the element.

    My question:-
    How do I make the revit element properties pick up and display the length and width dimensions of the floor slab element selected?

    My goal is to have all the floor slab dimensions included into the property of the element so when I export the revit file for use in navisworks the LxWxD dimension also export so I can use the dims for quantification.

    Any help would be greatly received!

    yours faithfully,
    a QS with a migraine.
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    Floors (well, actually almost anything) in Revit can be created with shapes other than rectangles, which means that a "Length" or "Width" could be ambiguous, misleading, or even flat out wrong.
    What would you call Length in an "L" shaped slab? A Trapezoid? Something with no parallel sides?
    All these are not just possible, but likely as floor slabs in our office.
    Dave Plumb
    BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

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      Yeah I see what you mean.
      In my attachment and particular example, the whole floor slab is rectagular and selected as one object (or element) so I just need the property dimensions of the cube selected, Length = x, Width = y, Depth/Height = z. Is this not possible to extract and display in the properties? As the ground beams in the same model, for some reason, have all those dims displayed in the properties ok.


        Beams are lineal so they have length. Floors have areas and volumes.
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