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Concrete Beam Join Dominance

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    Concrete Beam Join Dominance

    Hi Reviters,

    I've tried the search function on le Google and on the forum to no avail, so thought I'd ask you all.

    I have a T-type connection of 3 structural concrete beams, but they do not all share the same profile. One has a 'notch' cut out of it - it needs this notch removed for architectural reasons. The beams are Revit families - ie not modelled in place. This notch needs to end at a grid line as shown in red below. It works as shown below when only 2 of the 3 beams are joined.

    However, as soon as I bring in the 3rd beam, whoops, it jumps the 'end' of the notched beam to line up with the 3rd column, as shown below in red again. I want the notch to follow the green line.

    I have tried all manner of "Join", "Switch Join Order", drawing the beams in in different orders, but with no success. Could there be something that I am missing?

    I have attached the Revit Project file below:

    A360 LINK

    Thanks guys and girls,
    Attached Files

    use disallow join command and check.


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