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    Is...or has....anyone used assemblies to create shop drawings? (for precast specifically...I'm referring to the individual piece drawings for each panel...what we refer to as the "shop ticket"

    I thought I had read a post here that....someone was successfully doing this, but I can't seem to find that post again.
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    I do, but not really for precast.
    I use assemblies for construction tools and formworks (easy to deal with it and phasing, cause the all assembly has a phase), and use sometimes assemblies views. view template works great most of the times, I have had some issues with plan views.
    the worst part for me is that I can't put assemblies views on normal sheets.
    and to be more profficient, user should be able to set view templates for assemblies view for the all project instead of doing it after,and get an auto-dim tool (looking for strong references in families for example...);just my 2 cents....

    edit: we also need all parameters in schedules when framing elements are in assemblies (like cut length). not available now.
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