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Scheduling Rebar Created Within Sets.

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    Scheduling Rebar Created Within Sets.


    I am a new user to Revit so please bear with me :banghead:.

    I currently have a model whereby I have created Rebar STARTER BARS a varying heights to suit window and exclude door placements.

    My problem is that I am having difficulty in scheduling single lengths of rebar (Starter Bars) contained/created within these sets.

    For example, the schedule does not count the individual bars of the same length in different sets. When I use the copy function to copy the set in elevation; it will only count the quantity of the first set that was created.

    Yes, I can model individual bars but loose the multi rebar annotation functionality and the benefits it presents.

    Additionally, different sets of the same length are listed separately even with the itemise every instance function in the filter not being marked.

    I have tried marking the rebar and tried scheduling in this manner with no luck.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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