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Load bearing Masonry Project - Walls over Hidden, Walls Under Solid?

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    Load bearing Masonry Project - Walls over Hidden, Walls Under Solid?

    Hi guys

    I have just picked up a load bearing masonry job. This has up until now been done in AutoCAD, but we are now keen to take this into revit.

    The company I work for have certain standards they would like me to adhere to. These may not be how other companies do this but…………..

    First off all I will be linking in the Architects model. (which will contain the all masonry information ect)

    So on a typical plan the company want me to show structural elements (slab and steelwork and padstones ect the usual stuff) but I would also need to show load bearing masonry walls under SOLID (the walls in which the structural element is being supported on) and Structural/or none structural masonry walls over HIDDEN, which some will find strange I know, but its worked that way here for a while.

    Can this be done in Revit? Also remembering that some on the load bearing masonry walls will be in the Architects model ( I did request the architect model the inner and outer leaf separately but they were reluctant as this creates a lot more work for them)

    Also is there any way off turning off the masonry finishes if they have been modelled as part of the wall make up? (again I didn’t request this was done separately but no joy)

    So just to some up again I need structure over hidden and structure under solid!

    Thanks in advance.

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    you could show this by changing the hatch pattern in the masonry walls for bearing and non load bearing (create 2 wall system families for this) Structural walls in the architectual model will mean that you are going to have to either change there model ( not recommended) or place in walls where the architect has sturctural walls not the greatest. This usually leads to the architect allowing the structural guy model the structural walls. Which is what should be happening


      Thanks for your reply. If i did this, we would still have to split the walls so they where not one element? So inner leaf one wall and outer leaf one wall? which the architect is reluctant to do as he said his openings wouldn't work ect?

      Yeah we will modelling the structural walls or should i say taking ownership, but the inner leaf is a structural wall which we cant take ownership of its due to as mentioned above its one element with the external leaf and the finishes. Some people must have come up against this problem?


        you could also copy/monitor the walls To much work how many openings will there be between the inner and outer shell? windows, doors, louvers. if the 2 walls dont physically touch u can still join them this will allow the door to cut threw two different walls. a couple things you will have to make the void big enough to cut through 2 walls and make sure you have cut with voids when loaded checked in the family

        Or i was mistaken it works with the OOTB doors without void forms and the cut with voids when load not checked
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