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Sections Marks Lost - Section Themselves Exist

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    Sections Marks Lost - Section Themselves Exist

    Dear All,

    I was working on a project with many sections. One I saw that the sections marks on the plans do not exist, but the sections themselves exist under the sections in the project browser. I checked everything in revit to see if they were hidden or something else, but I could not find them. What I did last was that I drew new sections and referenced the existing sections.

    Can somebody please help.

    Thanks a lot
    Warm Regards,
    Ali Akbar Shaikhzadeh

    I've seen this happen a few times.
    They were not really lost though.
    In my cases the following may have applied:
    Annotation crop may have excluded them.
    They may be set to show only at certain scales.
    A phase may have changed.
    A discipline may have changed.

    There's a post out there about the 33 things you should check if you've lost (visibility) of something. You may want to subscribe to it so it's easy to find. ;-)
    Leanne Zaras, CDT, LEED AP
    AutoCAD 2010 Certified Professional / Revit Architecture 2012 Certified Professional / Revit Structure 2015 Certified Professional
    ACAD2021, RST2014-2021 / Windows 10, 64-bit


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