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    Truss Extensions

    Can anyone give me a recommendation on a truss extension to use/buy?

    We will be modeling trusses from 2d shops to do coordination with. So we want to get them in quick but still accurate.

    Looked at the Timber Framing that is a subscription add-on through autodesk's exchange site. Looks pretty decent for rafters but not so much trusses.

    Any thoughts/feedback/complaints on Tools4Revit Truss+ Tools4Revit - Truss+ - Revit BIM - Revit Training - Revit extensions
    or StrucSoft MWF pro truss? Framing Revit® | MWF Pro Truss |StrucSoft Solutions

    Attached image of Roof that I will be trying to model all the trusses on. Main trusses bear on exterior walls and at corridor walls with corridor portion having a raised structural area to run MEP through, so will for sure need custom truss.

    I absolutely despise the truss tool in Revit especially when dealing with overhangs and custom panels. Things just don't work, hopefully that's just not me
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    Truss Extensions

    MWF is an excellent tool in my opinion. It works great for creating trusses, but what sets it apart is the ease with which you can go back and edit the trusses as families later. For what it's worth, they also have great customer service and are quite helpful when things don't work the way you expect.

    I used to use Truss+, but I found it harder to use and I appreciated the flexibility and freedom I got with MWF.

    See link below to a video of the first project I modeled using MWF.
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