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rebar not visable

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    rebar not visable

    Hello All

    This is the first time I have run into this error.

    I have a concrete slab and have modelled it with the area reinf however when I cut a wall section partially thru the slab I have noticed that the rebar is not visable. I have created a couple of other similar sections and they are fine.

    I checked the visability graphics for anything turned off and/or if a filter is applied but everything looks good.

    I also noticed I don't have a problem placing rebar parallel to the work plan or cover. I only have this problem placing it perp to cover. Sketching rebar is okay.

    I am not sure where else to look.

    Hope someone can provide a fix, I am sure there is a check mark somewhere I need to check or uncheck.

    Thanks in advance
    I think I am finally getting the hang of this revit stuff.
    Revit never cooperates when you're in a hurry

    Vheck the reference plane you are drawing on. Make sure that your section cut is cutting the plane. Try orbiting in a 3D view while in the sketch to verify if you are drawing in the correct location.
    -Alex Cunningham


      When you select the rebar you should see a button in the Properties palette called Views Visible. The dialog that opens will display a list of views that lets you decide where the rebar is or isn't visible. Just another possibility.


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