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    Shared Parameters

    Dear All,

    I have worked a concrete building in Revit structure 2012 and have put all the required reinforcement into the columns, beams and footings. Now what I need is complete schedules. However, when I create, for example, columns schedule, I don't see any field for top rebar, bottom rebar, face rebar, stirrups spacing, and other information.
    I know I have to make shared parameters and I have successfully defined those parameters and have loaded them into the beam family of Revit. What I don't know is how to make Revit Structure enter, for example, the spacing of stirrups or the number of top or bottom rebar, into the schedule field.

    I would appreciate your assistance regarding this issue.

    Thanks a million

    Ali Akbar Shaikhzadeh

    Out on a limb here, but you might want to check if the shared parameters are loaded in the project file. This isn't automatically the case. Go to Manage Tab > Project Parameters. If the SP's aren't listed there you need to Add them and assign to the correct Category. After this you can use them in the Schedules.
    Martijn de Riet
    Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
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