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Sketching the center line of a retaining wall

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    Sketching the center line of a retaining wall

    Dear ALL,

    I have made a retaining wall family (nearly the same as the ones that revit has). Now is it possible that I make this family be used with sketching the center line of the wall (the same as we do with structural wall modelling in revit that first we sketch the center line of the wall and as we finish the sketching process the wall is created. I want to do this for the retaining wall family I have created and it has the footing with itself.)

    Ali Akbar Shaikhzadeh

    Is it a System Family or a "normal" fammily (one you save in the library) . If the latter: that probably depends on the template you used for the family and the position of the element in the Family Editor in relation to the Reference Plane that defines the origin.
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      if your insertion point/plane is out you can often align to existing (if only temporary) geometry or lines
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