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Non MEP Connections that move with each other

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    Non MEP Connections that move with each other

    Let me preface this by saying I am totally new to revit. I am actually a fire sprinkler designer and we just moved to Revit. However, I do a little moon lighting for a different subcontractor that designs and installs overhead medical support structures.

    Currently the only revit content I can get from hilti is basically a big extrusion with no parameters.

    What I am trying to do is create a 4" x 4" extrusion that the length can be adjusted using a grip or typing it in (got this accomplished) and also when say I align 2 faces of the extrusion together perpendicular to each other, if I move 1 element say 1'-0" to the right I want the adjacent element to lengthen by that same 1'-0".

    I know that revit has the capability because all built in arch, struc and MEP content does this.

    Am I missing something fundamentally mundane?

    Welcome to Revitforum.

    It's not clear what type of element that flexible extrusion should be. But anyway, it's not difficult to do. You could start with a generic model line-based template, then change the category. Then, you can insert that family in a project in different views, by providing start and end point. To make one of them extend when a perpendicular similar element moves, you need to align and lock the face of one element to the adjacent face of another element, as shown in this illustration.

    Just remember that you can use system families such as duct, pipe, and conduit, to do linear elements that connect to each other. Maybe that is what you were trying to do?
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