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    Structural column

    Hi, Sir/Madam,

    Just to ask how to create columns with different sizes, I mean in different floor level
    please help. I draw in columns with different size in which a column was terminated.


    Welcome to the forum Lemmor! :thumbsup:

    I think I know what you mean - but might we get a drawing/sketch idea of what you're talking about so as not to miss the mark with our answers?



      thanks for the response Sir.
      Sir snowyweston here is a sample of drawing I want to make it continuous. Column A and B, I just place it per at their meeting level.

      please help me.

      Best regards,
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        Thanks, sir snowyweston,
        Below is the picture of the drawing I have a problem,I want it to create as one but they have different size,
        to make it clear about the cranking of rebar and to have a continuity of the column. Please help,

        Best Regards,
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          I would say modeling this column as continuous is an error. It will not, in reality, be built continuous.
          The column goes from slab top to slab underside.
          You are wanting to include rebar continuity in this but in reality your rebar will have transfers into the slab using starter (L shaped) bars. Your rebar might need to "jog" (bend) at the transition, but actually I doubt it will be handled this way, it will more likely have the bars from the smaller column protruding down at its required development length (depending on bar diameter)

          I have shown 2 possible rebar layouts for this configuration. Although actually I doubt you will see configuration 2 as it has absolutely no punching reinforcement, this would require additional bars, or a column soffit also with punching reo, but this is not what you have shown in your model.

          It does you no good to have the rebar "continous" in this case because in either example you see "starter" bars or the bars from the level below protruding.

          They need to form the column up below, and have some bars placed either sticking up through where the slab will be, or Embedded where the next level slab will be poured.
          They pour the column, wait for it to set, then pour the slab and wait for that to set (looking up to 14 days - 28 days for these 2 steps - depending)
          Then they will form up the column on the next level, and repeat the process.

          I try to model things how they will be built in reality - example I may have a wall that goes up 14 stories of building, but I do not model 1 solid wall over 14 stories, instead I need to break this up level by level as in reality it is built on top of the next slab level each time.

          See Image.
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            actually 2 should be more like this but I was in a hurry.
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              You have your answer Lemmor! I've nothing more to add to Karalon's posts.


                thanks a lot, sir karalon10 for a great information it helps me a lot, I should go for the cranking of the rebar per floor if I have different columns size on the same level, thank you sir snowyweston,. also



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