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Modeling "Stabox" in Revit Structure

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    Modeling "Stabox" in Revit Structure

    Hi guys, I'm working on a project that using the "Stabox" - a prefabricated rebar connection system which you can Google it. The problem is I'm quite green to Revit Structure and I'm stucking with it, I just don't know how to bring this Stabox into my model and then put in the schedule later. If you have any solutions or ideas, please help me.

    And one little thing, my company just doesn't like using Model in place for some reasons, would be great avoiding that. But if there is no other option, Model in place would be fine. Thank you so much!
    p/s: Sorry for my bad English

    Has the manufacturer got revit files?
    Some companies have policies in place to not use any outside families and they create all of them anyway, but if the manufacturer has a family already it can be handy to see how they constrained and made their family.

    If not, yes you can make this into a family (use a "generic, metric" family) you just need to constrain it using the product specifications.
    The good thing about the prefab elements like this is they usually come in fixed sizes, so you probably have 2 different sizes to make.

    Then you need to probably include some 2D components in the 3D family, that have controllable visibility options (either based on detail level of the view, or some other on/off toggle) because your 2D documentation you will not be so interested in the 3D model but may have another way you show these on plan/elevation/section.

    Then once you made the family you place it using "component" under the structures tab.


      so just looking at their product website and I don't see models of their product

      HALFEN - Oversikt - Skjøtearmeringskassetter

      that means you have to make your own....


        You can find those ''stekkenbakken'' under this link.
        Download free Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Vectorworks and AutoCAD BIM objects | BIMobject


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