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Colour Management in Revit Structure

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    Colour Management in Revit Structure

    Hi all,
    I, currently , have a problem for my presentation in Structrual Plan.
    I have the same 300mm walls but in different levels in my plan.
    Is it possible to change the colour of the wall lines in revit so that it can easily be noticed the levels of the walls in my plan.

    Appreciate if one of the experts guide me.


    I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve...
    But you can simply select your wall at one level (easiest to choose it from a 3d view) and then go back to your plan view as the active view right click and select "over-ride graphics in view" and set the colors however you want...

    you can tailor this in other ways but that is a quick easy way although time consuming depending on how many times you need to do this...


      Thank you, Karalon for your answer and sorry my question is a bit confusing.
      But your advice works exactly.
      My purpose is to differentiate my wall levels in different colour.
      It's really useful of your advice.

      Thank you again.


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