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Rebar layout face/direction

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    Rebar layout face/direction


    Is there a way to change the direction of the automatic layout? In my case i want to lay out rebar shape 21 perpendicular to the "normal" layout direction (see attached image)

    Thanks in advance

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    Here are the controls you need when doing rebar. It does make a difference what shape you are using.

    Make sure you are cutting the element you want to place the rebar in with the view you are working in. In other words make a section through the element or modify the view range in so it cuts the element.


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      Thanks for the response. Not shure if I made myself clear, but the problem is not to place the rebar, but to get the automatic layout function to lay the rebar in the desired direction.

      In my attachment the red arrow is the default direction when I use automatic layout (blue circle), like shown. My wish is to lay the rebar in the direction of the green arrow, like drawn (sorry about the bad drawings). Hope you understand my
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        I think the automatic layout will move the rebar shape only in the direction perpendicular to the plane of the shape, to place them in the other direction you would have to do an array. What are you trying to accomplish? That is a wierd arrangement for rebar, do you have an image of what the finished arrangement should look like?


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