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    Does anyone know of a site (maybe even on here) where people share families that they've created. Particularly I'm looking for a thickened slab, and also I know at my old company we had a family or detail component that when you place a CMU wall in a section it will keep creating a block and the mortar bed. I forget the name of it but it's like a "running" detail component (or something like that). You can do it with metal deck as well.

    A thickened slab is a system family that is made up of a profile and a few parameters. Not an external family (except for the profile). REvit Help on slab edge properties

    Same is kinda true with what you are describing, which is a "repeating detail". Repeating details take an existing detail item and repeat them along a line with specific spacing (either by count or by measurement). So you need the cmu detail item, then create a new repeating detail type, adjust as necessary. I think there is a OOTB CMU Detail Item in the library. Revit help doc

    A google search brought up a few videos on both topics. That may be more helpful to get you started.
    Tom Whitehead
    BIM Herder & Revit Wrangler
    Portland, OR


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