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Tag with editable length on line?

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    Tag with editable length on line?


    I want to make a tag where the text is underlined and i don't want to use the underline function in type properties since that line can't be controlled regarding thickness.

    I heard someone mention that you could use witness line and put some kind of fomula to it and then it should be editable regarding length after you have placed the tag...

    Anyone that knows how this is done?

    Best regards

    It can be done, but its not worth the hassle. First you need to realize that the actual Leader line will come of the centroid of the tag in its entirety, so you need to have Inviisible Lines reaching out in all 4 directions to a far enough dimension that having a very long tag doesnt accidentally shift the justification of the center. Then, you can draw the line, but youve got to draw it at the "center" which needs to be where the leader line will be. (So if you want the top text line underlined, for example, shift the text and the invisibile lines such that the text is down, but the inivisible lines are still "centered,") and then you just draw it with a line in the family.

    You will NOT be able to write a formula that does ANYTHING in relation to the length of the Tag Label itself, period. You cant even make it instance, since its not the instance of the fmaily, but the instance of the TAG (which SHOWS the family, but isnt the family) that varies from one to the next. So you can have different types of Tags (with different types of families) for longer leader lines, but its not worth the management.

    Consider giving up the "graphical look" youre chasing after. Its not value adding.
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