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Customizing Reviet Schedules

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    Customizing Reviet Schedules

    I amlooking for a way to change the schedule graphics in Revit listing the categoryin columns instead of rows. For Instance,we have a standard on how we have graphically done schedules for many years inAutoCAD. Now that we are doing more andmore jobs in REVIT we would like to use the same standard we have been using inAutoCAD. In past Revit jobs we have justcreated the schedule in model space of AutoCAD and link that file into adrafting view in Revit. This has beennice for us as we have been transitioning into Revit, but now we are more knowledgeablewith Revit. We would like to use BIM for more of its intentions by schedulingequipment, air terminals, etc.. in REVIT. Customizing the way Revit arrangeseach category into columns as opposed to rows which is the way it is now, hasnot been figured out. I have tried to rotating the orientation and adjustingthe heading orientation to vertical but that still doesn’t rotate the scheduletext. Attached is an example of our AirTerminal schedule viewed in Revit and then our standard way of viewing a schedule.Our goal would be to make the REVIT schedule match our standard.
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    This is one of a number of observations made in the short time I have spent in my current office - who I shall be leaving fairly soon because these kinds of hang ups on "what we did before" has just become a little too repetitive for me, and I've bigger fish to fry with outifts happy to take me on and happy to adapt to a new way of thinking, and, presenting their schedules.

    The key thing you HAVE to remember is that a schedule is predominantly intended for one thing - data. Yes, graphical representation of data is key to communicating information - but fighting/disregarding the automated convenience of Revit's schedules in the pursuit of something as whimsical as "legacy" and "appearance" is, IMHO, short sighted.

    Does that make me a pig-headed, stubborn-minded Revit evangelist? Probably - but then I am also of the opinion schedules shouldn't be printed - and should only ever be distributed in the model, or via a spreadsheet format (i.e. .xls) - which if you're prepared to do, will enable you to present the data however you wish by mapping the column/row data of the exported delimited .txt file to cells in Excel however you please.

    Welcome to the forum BTW! :thumbsup:

    For what it's worth - not everyone's like me - and I'm not always in this kind of mood - so please don't take my suggestions in a bad way, it's just something those transitioning to Revit-thinking will encounter from time to time.
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