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Panel Schedules - Load Sums

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    Panel Schedules - Load Sums

    Merry christmas!!!
    Does anyone know how to get the load sums work in Panel Schedules for 2011?
    Currently I am only getting the value 0.
    I have set up my demand factors and load classifications. each of my families has a load associated with it (usually calculated by lamp sizes etc within the family, nothing strenuous or rocket sciencey.)
    Nonetheless, the zeroes prevail!


    Don't cry, don't raise your eye, it's only Revit wasteland.

    Could you post an example? Seems like there's something off in the calculations
    Martijn de Riet
    Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
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      Thanks for the reply, before doing this we figured out the trouble.
      The connector for each family was not being fed the load details from the family parameters. We linked the connector load with our own parameters inside the family and thus the load was transferred to the panel schedule.
      This was the link we were unaware of. We assumed that the panel schedule was able to read the actual families and not just the connector. A bit of a newboy error given that the mech systems work in this way too.
      There was another minor problem which was the lighting for instance was not coming up as it's own load classification because again the connector was not set up correctly to be a lighting connector.
      A valuable lesson was learned to stop being lazy with connector configuration.


      Andy K
      Don't cry, don't raise your eye, it's only Revit wasteland.


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